Hello high achiever, you’ve worked hard to “have it all” but now you feel overwhelmed and unfulfilled.


I’m Liane Wansbrough, a high performance coach for goal oriented women over 40 who are ready to shift gears and go after the fulfillment improved results they want in all areas of life.

I help you transform your mindset to set you up for success including:
Clarity on your hidden mental roadblocks
Control over how you think and feel
Connection to your inner self and what you really need.

As high achievers we often suffer from burnout, anxiety, exhaustion and an inner emptiness that comes from operating on autopilot for so many years.

We arrive at the middle of our lives with nothing left in the tank for ourselves. We’ve given it our all.

Then We Hit The Wall

When it comes to self we settle for scraps. We wake up one day and life isn’t fun or fulfilling—it feels like a grind. We find ourselves asking “what happened to me?” But what if instead of waking up every morning feeling like life is a grind—you woke up every day with a game plan?

Wake up and Say “Now It’s My Turn.”

I want to help you understand the behaviour patterns and beliefs that aren’t helping you anymore. To understand your needs and how to meet them. To cultivate resilience and confidence. To stand on solid ground emotionally, mentally and physically.

This is what high performance coaching is about—not trying to do more, push harder or try to perfect and control everything around you—but instead level up from the inside.

Level up from the inside
so you can live your
highest potential.

“High performance is about standing on solid ground emotionally, mentally and physically-so you can take ownership over your goals and create a higher quality life experience.”

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